FIFA 2018 WC: Eagles to camp in Yessentuki

The Super Eagles will set up base in Yessentuki, a City in the Stavropol Krai locale of Russia.Located at the base of the Caucasus Mountains, Yessentuki is a city favored with regular magnificence a perfect place for players to focus on preparing. Super Eagles The Governor of the Stavropol Territory, Vladimir Vladimirov declared that the Nigerian national group will utilize the offices at Yessentuki, and they have begun focusing on the groups that have been obliged in the locale. ”In 2018, the World Cup will be held, the Nigerian national group will be situated in Yessentuki,” Vladimirov revealed to TASS Russian News Agency. ”I trust Yessentuki will enable the national group of Nigeria to ascend high in the standings, however regardless not to beat our team.”Yessentuki, with a populace of 100,996 tenants (in light of 2010 statistics), is viewed as the social capital of Russia’s Greek populace. Nigeria will confront Poland and England in pre-World Cup friendlies before their trek to Russia for the World Cup, where they are drawn with Argentina, Croatia and Iceland in the gathering stage.

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