Hugo’s Amazing Tape on ‘Shark Tank’: A Look Inside the Reusable & Glueless Product

Hugo’s Amazing Tape entered the Shark Tank with their reusable, non sticky tape. You should simply extend, wrap and press for a protected hold with their licensed self holding material.

We talked with Katherine Saltzberg, who proceeded with the organization initially began by her dad, Hugo, and her mom with her sister, Lauri Fraser. At the point when asked how the item thought happened, she stated, “Our father got a bundled and quite a bit of it was wrecked for reasons unknown aside from this little bit of plastic. He was interested by that and eventually got the plan to move it into a tape.”

tape shark tank, reusable tape shark tankThe duo, who have resumes filled with roles in the film and TV industry, reveled in the opportunity to be in the Tank together. As for advice for future contestants, Saltzberg said:

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